Arnon Chait, PhD, and Boris Zaslavsky, PhD, an analytical biochemist, are the two principal founders of Cleveland Diagnostics, which formed in October 2013. Both entrepreneurs spent well over a decade developing the protein structure technology, beginning in 1999, when they co-founded Analiza Inc., a company that is presently dedicated to providing drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical industry. Then, in 2006, the two men founded AnalizaDx LLC, with Chait acting as president and CEO and Zaslavsky VP of research and development. That company was formed specifically to evaluate new applications for the technology. “We decided on cancer, which is underserved today by all current diagnostics technologies because they cannot evaluate at protein structure efficiently,” Chait explains. In January 2013, Chait and Zaslavsky began discussions with Cleveland Clinic Foundation to help commercialize the technology. In fact, one of the key study investigators for one of the major studies is Mark Stovsky, a staff urologist at the Foundation, also serving as the company’s Chief Medical Officer.